Forget Naked: 3 top non-toxic and natural eye shadow palettes

Over and over again women all over the world ask the same question: where can I find all-natural eyeshadow palettes?  Although harder to find than their chemical-ridden counterparts, they do exist!  Here are the top three on my wishlist.

1) Arcobaleni palettes by Neve Cosmetics

Whether you are a makeup artist or a makeup addict, the palettes from Neve Cosmetics should be at the top of your wishlist as well.  Neve Cosmetics offers five different sets to choose from, each with 10 eye shadows; all encased in a magnetic, refillable, dark purple case. The eyeshadows are super pigmented and very easy to blend and each comes in a generous 3 gram size–which is a lot if you consider that the highly coveted Naked palette by Urban Decay brings only 1.3 grams of each (12 shadows per palette).

Bloggers who own both Urban Decay’s Naked palette and the Neve Cosmetics Elegantissimi one (their nudes/neutrals selection) rave about the quality of the Neve palette and the fact that most of the eyeshadows are matte, which lends itself very well to creating smokey-eye looks.  Eye shadows are also sold separately so you can replace them as you run out or try new colors.  Neve Cosmetics is an Italian mineral makeup company and proudly carries the Made in Italy seal in its products.  The palettes retail for a very modest 27 euros and are free of nasties, vegan, as well as cruelty-free.  The only downside? The product is rated to last only 6 months after opening, making it more suitable for professional rather than personal use.


EWG rating: 4.  The data base rates this as 4 mostly for the vitamin A included in the product (which rates an 8).  This is because vitamin A has been shown to be detrimental when included in sunscreens and skincare products. However, I don’t feel that the small amount in an eyeshadow should generate the same level of concern.  Please note that the eyeshadows also contain talc as well as lauroyl lysine for those who may wish to avoid those.

Purchase from:  Neve Cosmetics (European Union only) and Beauty Chamber (international). These are not available through US stores.

2)  9 Stacks by Bellapierre

If you are looking for super colorful, shimmery, bright shades, the 9 stacks are exactly what you need.  These stacks by Bellapierre, a high-end mineral makeup company from the UK, are not your typical palette but rather a tower of individual multi-purpose pigments that attach to each other to create a portable set.  A really innovative packaging idea, each stack comes with 9 pigments (2 glitter  and 7 shimmer), and each pigment is multi-purpose and can be used for eyes, face or lips–particularly when used together with their eye base or clear lip gloss (although I am sure other eye shadow bases and clear lip glosses would work equally well).  There’s 7 different stacks to pick from, or in other words, 63 different shades! The colors are super pigmented and are 100% mineral so no nasties here (except some may contain carmine, so vegans beware).   The downside to this one? The price.  At $80 to $110 per stack (with only 1.75 grams per eyeshadow) these are small and as expensive as buying single eyeshadows.  But, in a world where most mineral eye shadow shades are either neutral or pastel, having the option to get all natural bright and metallic shades is great, no matter the price.

Ingredients: Mica, Titanium Dioxide, Iron oxides. May contain: Carmine.

EWG: The data base is currently down, but this will probably rate a 1.

Purchase from: Bellapierre (they have a US store) or Beauty Bay (free shipping worldwide), or Naturisimo (also free shipping worldwide).

3) Artists’ Eyes palettes by Jane Iredale

Created specifically to meet the needs of makeup artists working in commercial settings and, of course, looking for natural alternatives, Jane Iredale created the Artists’ Eyes palettes.  Jane Iredale is a very well regarded American mineral makeup company carried almost exclusively at spas and dermatologist offices and recommended for any number of skin conditions due to its mild formulations. These palettes come in two sets, each with 6 different colors: set I is more neutral/nude, whereas set II offers more unusual and brighter colors. The eyeshadows in both sets are matte (although the brighter colors seem a little more shimmery), highly pigmented, and glide on easily. As with the Neve palette, you get a generous 2.8 grams per eye shadow. This palette, however, comes housed in a faux crocodile-skin container with magnetic closure, but the shadows are sadly not easy to remove nor replaceable.  The downside? As with many Jane Iredale products, these are very pricey at $96 per set.  In addition, as with most of the Jane Iredale line, these contain dimethicone (a silicone), which although not a major health concerns it can clog pores (although less chance of that in an eye shadow!).  Nonetheless, Jane Iredale’s overall quality, policies and customer service are truly top notch so you know you will get an excellent product for the price.  Please note these palettes are being discontinued, so stock up now!

Ingredients: Mica, Boron Nitride, Dimethicone, Pine Bark Extract, Pomegranate Extract. May contain: Titanium Dioxide, Iron Oxides, Ultramarines, Chromium Oxide Greens.

EWG: 2

Purchase from: Jane Iredale or  look for an authorized retailer outside the US.

Is this it?

Of course not.  There is a wide range of  non-toxic, all-natural, palettes out there, but these are the ones that I feel offer a product that is closer to mainstream in its selection and performance (and are thus the object of lust by many in the blogosphere).  If you are looking for smaller eye shadow palettes, Jane Iredale offers a variety of smaller sets, as does Nvey Eco.  Or you can build your own palette.  Couleur Caramel offers the largest selection of shades of any natural line (over 70 all in refill form, ready to be added to any magnetic palette of your choice).  Afterglow Cosmetics has just started offering a range of 22 organic compact eye shadows which can be purchased in refill form.  Or, you can get crafty and copy the GreenMakeup blog’s creative DIY palette with loose mineral shadows!

I am sure you are as tempted as I am.  Which one will you get?

3 thoughts on “Forget Naked: 3 top non-toxic and natural eye shadow palettes

    • Thanks! I recently found out about them as in the US these are not well known (except for JI, of course,but even that one is not easy to find. Look forward to your Neve post. Italian bloggers often talk about the brand.

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