Quest for the Holy Grail: Studio 78 Paris foundation

If you’ve been following my blog, you know this quest has been going on for a while…. Well, about two weeks ago I almost had it!  Why is it that almost no natural brand makes a color that will work for me?  Everything is too pink or too orange, and there seem to be almost no foundations that really suit pale skins with yellow undertones like mine.

But then, by chance, while searching for the Inika foundation that the Green Makeup blog recommended, I stumbled upon Studio 78 Paris.  I had never heard of it but a quick Google search got me curious and excited.  Studio 78 Paris is a natural brand from France that launched in 2010 and is Ecocert certified as organic.  Their range of products and colors is small but everything looks beautifully designed and modern (the picture above shows the products I got from Studio 78, isn’t the design absolutely beautiful?).  The brand has only two colors of foundation, both for light skin, one for warm undertones and one for cool ones.  And the one for warm undertones, looked really…. yellow!  (cue drumroll).  So I took a chance and ordered it from Saffron Rouge, after seeing some great reviews from No More Dirty Looks, another blog I follow.

The foundation


  • The Studio 78 Paris foundation is a very light and liquid, water-based mineral foundation.
  • Despite how liquid it is it, has a light to medium coverage, which can be built up.
  • Foundation #01 has decidedly yellow undertones (almost identical to RMS Un-Cover Up in #11).
  • The finish is satin.
  • It is packaged in a beautiful glass bottle.
  • It has a heavy flowery fragrance which dissipates once applied.
  • The foundation has no SPF.


Oh boy, the first time I tried this it was a total disaster.  This foundation is very liquid yet the coverage can be quite thick so applying it is very tricky and the usual techniques don’t work.  First I tried a sponge and the result was a caked mess with clumps sticking to any patches of hair and dry skin.  Horrible.  The second time I tried a flat top brush and the result was a little better but still very thick and fake looking.  Finally, it was when swatching it for this post and seeing how well it spread on my hand that I got it.  This foundation needs to be applied in very small amounts (one or two drops) at a time and spread really thin and evenly, working it really well before moving on (preferably while the moisturizer is still wet).  Doing it that way I got an absolutely beautiful, lighter than air coverage that still evened my tone and made my skin air-brushed (it does feel a little sticky though).


Here’s a couple of swatches, the first one comparing Studio 78 (left) with RMS Un-Cover Up in #11 (right) and the second showing Studio 78 applied to my hand.

The verdict

I was on the verge of returning this after the first try but I am glad writing this post made me try to work with it a little longer.  It is an absolutely beautiful product which I have no qualms to recommend.  Is it for me?  Yes, absolutely. Perfect tone match and beautiful finish, although I do wish there was no fragrance and the finish was more dewy (my dry skin needs help).

The fine print

Price: $50 for 1 fl. oz (30 ml).

EWG rating: 4 (due to having parfum, benzyl alcohol, limonene and linalool among the ingredients. This rating should probably be lower given that all of these are 100% essential oil derived–but the database does not take into account that distinction).

Good Guide rating: NA

Where to purchase: Saffron Rouge (30-day guarantee offered), Nubonau (limited colors, but offers samples)



5 thoughts on “Quest for the Holy Grail: Studio 78 Paris foundation

  1. Thanks for the mention :) I’m also about to try this brand…and since a long time. It’s funny because I had an appointment in their shop and for 2 times it somehow ended that I couldn’t try the products :) I hope I will finally get them. You did a great review that reminded me again of this brand. I think they have many nice products all to try.

    • You are welcome! I really like your blog so finding a chance to mention it is no trouble. I look forward to hearing what you think about Studio 78 foundation. I am really liking the mascara as well.

    • It is very nice but be prepared to learn how to spread it quick! It is tough to work with for sure. I tried their concealer but did not like it. The consistency is nice, but it creased on me like crazy and the color is slightly darker than the foundation. Not sure what they were thinking there….

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